CPTC Junior Program

Tournament Play


How to register for USTA tournaments

Step 1: · Go to www.usta.com · Become a USTA junior member

Step 2: · Go to playtennis.usta.com/tournaments · Click http://playtennis.usta.com/tournaments click the “search sections” tab · Click “section” scroll down to “Pacific NW” · In the “date period” you can narrow your search to specific time period in which you are looking to play an event

Understanding what tournament to sign up for...

When registering for a tournament you will fist sign up  by what level you plan to play in. Tournaments are now separated by specific “Levels”. In the Pacific NW you will find that we have Level 3-7 tournaments. A level 6 event would be an intermediate (Silver/Gold) tournament. level 7(Bronze/Silver) and as the levels go down the more advanced the tournament is. All these types of tournaments will be played with yellow ball and are separated by age groups and gender. You are allowed to play any division as long as you are younger then the age listed.   If I were signing up my daughter who is 12 years old she is allowed to play in the Girls 12 and under event but if she was 13 she would then age up to the Girls 14 and under event. You are allowed to play any aged event as long as you are younger than the age listed for the event. There are also orange and green ball events for 10 and under children as well.

What if I don’t know what level my child is...

If your child is yet to play a tournament signing up for a level 7 event if they are over the age of 10 is a good start. If they are under the age of 10 and play with an orange/green ball in practice then playing orange/green tournament is the right place to start.

What does UTR mean...

UTR stands for universal tennis rating. This system has been developed in order to provide a numerical number for all tennis players. As a player plays more matches, they will see their UTR change. You can see what your UTR is when you visit the website www.myutr.com. You will not have a UTR until you have played a tournament. This is a great new system that allows for coaches to separate kids by level rather then by age and gender. Along with the tournament mentioned above there are also UTR events which you can sign up for where you will play other kids within your UTR level. UTR events are split up by level and not by age/gender. UTR events are an awesome way to get match play and they usually only last one day.

How to register for a UTR event... 

Visit www.events.universaltennis.com · Make sure to register your child on the website · Pick a UTR event on the UTR calendar · Click on “register for this event” on the homepage · Fill the form out, make payment and now you will be registered

If you have any more questions please feel free to reach out to Mark.  He will be handling all questions about tournaments, UTR, and everything you need to know on how to get some matches for your child.

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