FACILITIES COMMITTEE - Chair Kristen Grobstok

The primary mission of this Committee is to ensure the club maintains a facility that is safe, comfortable, attractive and supportive of the needs of our members.  (click here for mission statement)

FINANCE COMMITTEE - Chair Marty McCurry 
The mission of the Finance Committee is to monitor the current and long range financial soundness of CPTC consistent with the Club’s objectives of providing the membership with the highest quality facilities and services possible, at reasonable levels of dues and assessments.  As requested by the Board, it shall assess the financial soundness and feasibility of proposals requiring an expenditure of funds. (click here for mission statement)

The membership committee welcomes new members and hosts new member social events.  They also work at marketing the club to attract new members and review membership fees and pricing structures making recommendations to the Board.

TENNIS COMMITTEE - Chair Nancy Goldberg
The Tennis Committee promotes and regulates the use of the tennis facilities to provide an equitable system for member play, a high quality facility, a professional teaching program and an organized tennis activity for every member.  (click here for Committee guidelines)  (Click here for Tennis Committee policies) 

REQUEST FOR THE TENNIS COMMITTEE?  Please fill out the appropriate form available below and submit to Nancy Goldberg

IT COMMITTEE - Chair Scott Skorupa
The mission of the IT Committee is to improve and streamline the online programs to enhance the user ability for both members and staff alike.