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Guiding Principles of Cup Tennis at Central Park:
• Promote team concept and allow team to work together
• Keep Cup simple and fun
• Make captain’s job easy, simple, fun and manageable
• Strive toward equitable playing time for all team members
• Foster & promote SACT Guidelines/bylaws that it be social, competitive, like level

Please check the criteria you meet for level and designate the type of player with partners’ names, if applicable. If you would like help finding a partner please contact CPTC Pros Lisa Moldrem or Chad Smith for help.

Please check the criteria you meet for EMERALD. You must meet at least ONE criterion*

Please designate how you are signing up as a player for Classic level:
• Practice commitments will be designated by the team.
• If you sign up as a pair/trio, you are guaranteed to be on the same team but will likely play with a variety of partners.

Partners Name: (Each partner must fill out their own application)

I read the guidelines (found on the CUP homepage of our website) for the upcoming season. I can commit to the guiding principles of Cup Tennis at Central Park.*

I anticipate my availability may fall below 60 percent.*

If you know of extended periods of time when you will be unavailable, please note here:

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